Client Testimonials
We love our clients and are thankful to serve them each day!

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"I want to thank you for being my tax preparer for 3 years. I have been ask several times to try other people to do my taxes but my answer is always the same, why fix something that isn’t broken? My taxes have always been done in a timely manner as I presented all the information to allow you to do your job effectively. Nicole I appreciate your professionalism and the knowledge that you constantly share with your clients. Even though I have had challenges with the IRS, due to someone else claiming my dependent, you offered your professional advice on what to do to get the situation resolved. I look forward to years of you serving my tax needs, I pray that God blesses you and your business as you endeavor to help people like me!"

"I use to do my taxes myself, with a popular self help tax preparation website. Thankfully Nicole took over 4 years ago and straightened out my books, before I got into too much trouble. The tax code is admittedly complicated, and ever-changing, it is comforting knowing that a professional like Nicole is on the job. I went from owing thousands of dollars each year to collecting a refund since turning my books over to Nicole. Good luck with the tax websites, or the places that only pop up for a few weeks a year, (in Walmart among other places). Thank you so much Nicole, I'd still be forking money over to the state and feds mistakenly if not for you.Thanks :)"

"I really appreciate your quick and effective relies. You've always have a great re pore with handling your customers. Being a customers for over four years, I have no regrets in choosing your company to handle all of my needs now and in the future to come. I will always refer your company as being polite, knowledgeable with a fast turn-around. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do in the future of your success."

"Thank You for your professionalism and knowledge for doing our taxes. You have been a blessing to us by helping us understand the tax laws and providing advice about the things we can do to improve our financial situation and tax refunds. I would recommend any one who need sound advice that would improve their financial life to Nicole. Every year we get a good refund and the out come is always positive. She also does our church account and we are so grateful that we met her. All I can is TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!"

"For the past several years you have proven to be an excellent accountant! There is no one else I trust more than you. I can not thank you enough for being so friendly, fast and efficient. When I was going through the process to buy my home it was because of your diligence and accurate record keeping that I was able to smoothly go through the process. You maintained records that even I no longer had! You have a dedicated client in me, simply because of the dedication you show to others. I know you genuinely care about my well being and do above and beyond to help me. That's the type of personal service I appreciate, that no H&R Block or Liberty Tax could ever compare with!"

"I had the best experience working with you and your team. I was honestly not really looking to start a new relationship with a new "tax lady" but my previous lady fell off. I could not reach her via text, email, phone or fax during this very busy season. I was stressed beyond believe and did not know where to turn. It was not until I spoke with my boyfriend Nick that he assured me that you and your team were the ones for the job!

I could not be more pleased with the amount of great customer service that I received from your assistants to yourself all the way through this process. Your assistants were patiently working with me, being sure that I fully understood every portion of the process. I really appreciated that extra effort made my day. I am the kind of person that appreciates professionalism and a tireless work ethic, as I too have my own business and expect the most from myself and other entrepreneurs. I found those same qualities in you and your team! Thank you thank you!

Similar to most working Americans, every dollar that I have is accounted for as I, like most work extremely hard for all that I have. With this being said, I was very pleased to not only receive a sizable (Over $2000.00) refund from years past, but a little something extra for "a rainy day". I was not informed of this information two weeks after I submitted by paperwork, or even 2 days. Nicole, your team contacted me less than 24 hours from the time that I submitted my documents! Now that is what I call, Superior customer service and effortless professionalism that can't be beat!You have definitely won my business from here on out and I look forward to you having my business in the future."

"Thank you Nicole and staff, 2 years ago I had owed the IRS, you helped me to get out of debt with them. Last year was the first time since 1997 that I have received Federal Taxes. This year I am getting back 9,218. Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you, I can not say it enough. You are much appreciated and I will spread the news to my co-workers offshore. Have a blessed day!"

"Hello Nicole, this Staci and I did receive your email and would like to say each year myself and Byron always count it a blessing because you have so much patience with us and no matter what questions we have you always take the time to answer them, like this year with us having only 2 dependents instead of 4 you still took the time to get us back the best refund we could get, so I want to say Thank You. Your staff has always been nice and great us each year with a Hello and how are you doing? After asking Byron we both say would tell and let anyone looking for someone to help them with their taxes to come see you. I know my 2 co-workers said they liked how you treated them and the said that hadn't gotten a refund back like that with anyone else before, I'm hoping they come this year they haven't said when they were going to do them yet this year. Again I say Thank you and see you same time next year."

"I have used Nicole Porter Tax Services since 2006 when I first started my own business 6 years ago, for all my payroll & accounting needs. Her firm also provides my business needs throughout the year with tax concerns that often arise. She possess a wealth of knowledge & has always gotten me the maximum refund on my taxes."

"I am a customer with Eskindes's Accounting & Tax LLC. My experience with Eskinde's tax service has been great. I have used this company for two years now, and I am very pleased with the service and the professionalism. I have used other tax agencies before that do not look out for your best interest, as in getting you the credits you're entitled to. Eskinde's Accounting & Tax, is thus far one of the best, and I recommend their service to anyone who's looking for great customer service and a great tax preparer."